Food & Drinks

Terms of Service
  1. Campaign period: 5-21 August 2022
  2. Campaign objective: Member registration should complete on a designated online shopping platform. For the related terms and conditions, please see each online shopping platform landing page.
  3. Campaign terms: The relevant terms and conditions of this campaign are mainly based on the marketing campaign in each online shopping platform which announce its terms and services on its official web announcement.
  4. Remarks For the terms and conditions of this campaign, please see the latest one on each online platform's official website.

  5. For the terms and conditions of this campaign, if there are any uncovered matters, please use the latest terms and conditions announced by each designated online platform. If there is any dispute, each online shopping platform has the final right of interpretation and decision. And each online shopping platform also has the right to conduct a final review, and the right to amend, suspend or terminate the complementary products and rules of this campaign.